Coronavirus - A Message from Paul Taylor

A message from Vicar, Paul Taylor  -  18 March 2020
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As we enter a difficult and challenging season of life together in our nation, I wanted to send this message to you to reassure you of our prayers. As a church staff team, we will be praying daily for all of you and I am sure that all of us will endeavour to keep an eye out for those in need. We have established a Pastoral Coordination Team and those on the team are:
Revd Paul Taylor
Revd Anne Elliott
Peter Reece
Gill Morris
Duncan Argyle
Netty Shea
Mike and Jill Peace
Together we have comprised a list of those who will need extra care and contact on the phone during the next few weeks and months.
We will also endeavour to provide Bible passages, prayers, talks and inspiration from a number of people to help us to focus on the Lord and to share in fellowship together as best we can.
If you have any Bible Passages, prayers and thoughts that you wish to share with others, please do send them in to the church office and we will seek to share as much of this with others.
Please also do print out and distribute these emails to those who are not online to encourage them. Also check our Church Facebook Page and the Church website for further updates.
Our church at Hordle will be kept open throughout the day for people to pop in to pray.
I have included (below) a message from the Archbishop of Canterbury's Facebook Page:
As we continue responding to Coronavirus, a lot of us are wondering how we can walk in faith, resist fear, and support those who are most vulnerable.

The first thing to say is that following the advice of experts – especially about washing our hands regularly and self-isolating if we have cold or flu symptoms – is a really important place to start.

But what else can we do? Well, the thing about having hope, faith and courage is that although they are gifts from God, we can do our bit to nurture them.

We can take some time to sit quietly and pray, letting God know about those things that are on our hearts and minds. When we do that, we make that connection with God that nourishes and sustains us.

We can pray for those who are physically vulnerable. Those who are financially insecure and worried about needing to take time off work. Those who live in countries without public healthcare systems. Those who do not have family or friends and are facing this situation alone.

We can pray for healthcare workers and political leaders who are responding to this crisis and bearing the incredible responsibility of trying to keep us safe.

That brings us to resisting fear. One way to avoid being overwhelmed by fear is turning our attention to helping someone. Is there a person in your life, or your community, that you could call on the phone and see if they’re okay? Maybe it was someone that you prayed for?

Perhaps they can’t get to the shops – could you pick up some groceries for them? Perhaps they are self-isolating and feeling lonely – could you call them on the phone and see how they are?

If you have some spare income, or some spare food, could you donate to your local food bank?

Let’s remember that we are in this together. Let’s look after ourselves and our communities, gain courage from each other, and walk together in hope and faith.

As it says in Psalm 46: “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.”
Please be assured of our prayers for you and all whom you love.
Every blessing,
Revd Paul Taylor
Vicar of Hordle and Tiptoe
ph (01425) 614428